Denver Video Production specialists. Denver Media Center’s team of nationally recognized professionals gets the job done on-budget and on time.  Here is a list of just a few of the types of video we have produced for our clients:  TV Shows, Infomercials, Training Videos, TV Spots, Corporate Presentations, TV News Segments, Awards Show Announcements, TedX Conference Videos, Grant Announcements, and so much more!

Our 25 years of experience speaks for itself!

The Process

In Video Production process is everything.  Once we identify exactly how we are going to work together, we will start a rigorous process of pre-production, production and then post-production.  Communication between us and our clients throughout the process is extremely important and that’s how we make our projects successful.


  • This is the most important part of the process and it needs to be thorough and well thought out.  Pre-Production is often where most inexperienced Production companies fail.  If your production isn’t planned out well by a seasoned professional, it will result in costly and time consuming issues during the Production Process.
  • Budget, Staffing, Scripts, Schedule, are just a few of the things we will address in the pre-production stage.


  • Production is usually a very exciting and nerve racking day (or several days).  Time is money.  It’s important to get your days started as early as possible, with crew arrival well before scheduled interviews.  Long days (past 10 hours) are generally not a good idea because your organization will inquire overtime and a tired crew – which results in lower quality.
  • Often, clients forget to feed their team (breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, water, etc).  We don’t want to give the impression that we are going to waste your time and money eating food on your project – but if your crew, staff, and interview subjects don’t have proper nutrition and hydration their minds are on their stomachs not on your production.  Even a trip to Costco for water and granola bars (on a low-budget shoot) can have a profound effect on the quality of your production.

Post Production

  • By the time we reach this stage we have a strong working relationship.  We are organizing your media in our edit system, preparing and implementing the edit project, getting final questions about graphics together,  and much, much more.
  • Excellent Communication during the Post-Production process must continue.  The vision we share with you about your project takes shape during this stage.  If we don’t communicate well, this stage can be extremely time consuming, expensive, and frustrating.  Generally, Denver Media Center recommends that we do a “rough cut” version of your project.  We almost always provide you with a “time code burn” of the unedited video so you can see first hand what was gathered on Production day.  This saves time and money because it allows our clients to make decisions about the final edit before we spend time on it.


We love working with Nick and Blaine; they’ve managed our live show for us now for many years, and they always do an exceptional job. They communicate regularly, pre-production and planning are on time, attention to detail is meticulous, a true team effort. Highly recommend for a video project of any scope.

-Audrey Elling, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Heartland Chapter)


Some of our recent Clients: